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Date: 05/24/2012


My child is in third grade and I am very concerned about her teacher, who frequently gives wrong information in subjects that are part of the third grade curriculum.

For example, in math today, she told the class that 0.02 is "two tenths" and when my child corrected her, saying it is "two hundredths", the teacher still insisted that it is called "two tenths." In the geography unit, the teacher insisted that the state of Washington is south of Oregon, even though my child told her that Washington is north of Oregon because it borders Canada.

This teacher also misplaces important documents such as my request for speech evaluation for my child, so that after six weeks of no response from Child Study Team, when I asked the teacher what was happening, she said somehow my request was lost getting from her classroom to the Child Study Team, and that I needed to make a new request.

Dr. Reusche stated in her May 3 letter that the Cherry Hill School District is reviewing the possibility for the "anonymous reporting of concerns." What steps should I take to insure the teacher does not continue to teach our children incorrectly?


Have you spoken to your building principal about your concerns?

The issues that you raise are best brought directly to the attention of the building principal, who can handle the concerns most promptly and effectively. Matters that are not satisfactorily resolved at the school level may be referred to the Assistant Superintendent or Superintendent.

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