Wednesday July 1, 2015 5:07 PM

Date: 09/21/2011


I recently heard that Rosa lost its Presidential designation and may convert back to a normal middle school like Beck and Carusi that would take students from neighborhoods close to the school instead of the current lottery system. Is this correct or are there plans for this in the future? Thank you.


Schools don't "lose" their NCLB Blue Ribbon designation. Rosa is still an NCLB Blue Ribbon School as well as an IB Middle Years Programme School. I believe the banners at Rosa were taken down last year so that some roofing or soffit work could be done - that might have led to that particular rumor. The banner supports will be re-installed; I know that is on the facilities project schedule.

As to the redistricting rumor... No conversations are taking place about redistricting the middle schools. Any change of that magnitude would be presented to the community for thorough and open discussion at public meetings prior to an administrative recommendation and a final decision by the Board of Education.

Thanks for the opportunity to quiet the rumor.

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