Sunday July 5, 2015 3:22 PM

Date: 09/09/2011


Why do the middle school students have to pay $12 for language supplies and book. Shouldn't this be paid for by the district?


Rosa offers its Language B (Spanish and French) students a “Complete Starter” binder for World Language. It contains French-to-English or Spanish-to-English Dictionary, a verb wheel, along with many other instructional and organizational supplements. These are "extras" - not supplies that the school district would provide. The student will be able to use the binder for all three years at Rosa (and into high school if they continue studying that language).

In a letter that Rosa sends to all parents, the teachers state: “we feel there are many advantages to purchasing this kit for students. It allows us to standardize the world language dictionary and supplementary materials for instruction. In addition, students can use the binder for multiple years which is cost effective."

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