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Date: 10/17/2013


Hi, I currently live in Cherry Hill and my 7 year old attends Clara Barton school. I'm looking to move and stay in Cherry Hill, but not sure if we will be staying in the same school zone. If we move to another area of Cherry Hill, will my 7 year old be able to stay at Clara Barton until he graduates from there?


If you move into another school attendance area in Cherry Hill during the school year, your student will be able to remain at Barton for the remainder of that school year. For the following school year, your student would attend the elementary school within the school attendance are in which you reside.

However, Cherry Hill does offer open enrollment at the elementary level, provided space is available at the school/grade you want your child to attend. Parents must provide transportation if they opt for elementary open enrollment.

Please call the district's Registration Office at (856)429-5600 to discuss your options.

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